Getting To Know The Real You

Women’s Conference Speaker

My credentials as a women’s conference speaker is solely based upon my life experiences with family, friends, and the often not-mentioned homeless, the imprisoned, the poor and the desperate. A revelation that brokenness exists in the lives of every person including women; so how can I help? By the grace of God; Real Conferences were birthed to include story-telling, scripture, four dynamic talks, and award-winning music, as a weekend or one day event. A Real conference that will set us free to a renewed faith in loving God, loving ourselves, and loving others.

Singer and Songwriter

I am a true country girlborn and raised in the wheat fields of Saskatchewan Canada. God has blessed me with a voice to sing and the ability to write songs that became recognized with past music awards such as Entertainer of the Year”; “Country Gospel Album of the Year” and “International Music DVD of the Year” along with seventeen past nominations. These acknowledgements have allowed me to tour within Canada, U.S. and Europe.


I was inspired to write a small companion book entitled “Be Real” for the Be Real CD. Each chapter of the book tells the story behind each song that is filled with hope and inspiration. Today, I continue to journal and writeworking towards another new release of another book in the near future. In the meantime, I invite you to read or subscribe to my personal blog of Real Life Lessons learned, based on a biblical foundation to remind us that faith, hope and love are only found in God.

A Real Conference That Challenges Us To

R ise Up



L ove



Through self awareness, and music Lorraine shares her personal story of her superficial Christian walk that kept her chained in fear and living in a life of unreality. Desiring change; despite all the risks involved; Lorraine dies to self and surrenders her life into the power of God’s hands, clinging to the promises in God’s word. She rises up to a renewed faith in God everyday and continues to seek God’s face in the song he has placed in her heart.

“Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Lorraine’s faith was challenged after she faced the grief of twelve miscarriages. To answer the question of why bad things happen, Lorraine gives personal insight that there can be purpose in suffering and Adversity. A revelation that when we come to the foot of the cross in our pain; Jesus reaches out to embrace us with His healing love, for he truly understands our pain. But God remains faithful through it all as she rejoices as a mother of two adopted children and three grandchildren. She continually thanks all those moms who make a choice to choose life. 



While fighting the oppression of negative thinking, Lorraine began her journey of unmasking the many lies that stole her identity and robbed her of self worth. Through scripture, story telling and music; Lorraine passionately challenges others to go deeper, push past fear; remove the masks and take every thought captive and make it obey Christ. A time to go through the cleansing fire, releasing the chains that keep our souls in bondage to become the most real, genuine and authentic Christian. 

What is my purpose in this life? To share in the mission of Christ (Math: 22:35-40) “to love the lord our God with all our heart, our soul and our mind” and “to love our neighbor as we love ourselves”. We are called to be representatives of Christ on this earth, to be a light in the midst of someone’s darkness. To share in His mission to heal the broken hearted, help the blind to see and set the captives free. A call to take a stand for life.  


What Are People Saying?

"Judging from the numerous comments received from our conference it was agreed that your music and speaking was a spirit filled blessing from heaven. Some of the remarks were; "The best conference ever", "My life will never be the same", "She radiates the love of God", "I have discovered myself", " I am a new person!"
Pastor Maurice, Manitoba
"The anointing in this ministry has helped me get started on a meaningful journey of healing in my life. I've become aware of some of the strongholds where I've been letting the enemy have control over me. Now, I'm learning to let God take over, and let Him have his way with my heart."
Jessica, Saskatchewan
"Your ministry has saved me and helped me grow in my journey towards a deeper relationship with our Lord and Savior! You are strong, beautiful, competent, women of substance and faith! God bless you!"
Jannette, Minneapolis
"I came to this “be real” conference hoping for some help in the area of depression. When I found out that every negative thought I have affects what I feel and the choices I make every day, my whole life has changed. I know I still have more growing to do but today I can say I feel as though I have been set free. And I know in a much deeper way that God loves me! Thank you Lorraine."
Rosa, Texas

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