Pitiful Or Powerful

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free- John 8:32

When the going gets tough, we turn down the self-pity highway and begin to send out our invitations to our pity party. Of course, no one ever replies and you find yourself all alone.

Probably each one of us have found ourselves in self pity when we have been overly focused on our own misfortunes, poor self confidence, griefs, and sorrows. A time when we look to others for pity, when we need to feel loved or need help to brain storm answers to the same old question of “Why Me”? We find ourselves in a barren land with an emotionally gloom and doom landscape that can keep us trapped to become highly addictive. Why? Sometimes pity is the only ‘positive’ affirmation we can get from our loved ones, a mental anesthesia that numbs the pain away. But we must also be aware that self pity can also be a stepping stone into depression.

The battlefield of the mind is real for everyone of us. A battle between truth and lies. Our mind is the gateway for the freedom we are seeking. It is our responsibility as to what we allow into our mind through what we see, what we hear, and what we speak. Freedom begins when we take every negative thought captive and replace it with God’s truth.

For example in our past we believed little lies that have formed our false belief systems as adults. “If you don’t eat your carrots you will go blind!” I still eat carrots today! A truth must always be established. Example:
I can’t do it!- Phil 4:13-you can do all things with Christ who strengthens me. Loosing weight is impossible! -Luke 18:27-All things are possible with God.
Nobody loves me! – John 3:16- God gave up His only son our of love for you
So what lies are we telling ourselves, and what lies are we believing?

Even though self pity may rear it’s ugly head more often than we would like; our survival is dependent upon hard work of re-programming our minds and trusting in the grace of God. To believe God can and will lead us through every storm so that we come out on the other side even stronger than we were before.

You can, and will be an over comer! Resist the enemy, claim your power in God’s word. Be powerful not pitiful!
Have a blessed day!

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