Do you want to move through change with courage, resilience and the power of God? Then let Lorraine Hartsook, a dynamic conference speaker help you push past fear, remove your mask and shift your mindset!

Lorraine's faith was challenged after she faced the grief of 12 miscarriages. To answer the question of why bad things happen, Lorraine gives personal insight into finding a purpose for suffering through adversity. A release and healing found as she teaches others how to "embrace the cross," learning how to die to self and desire change despite the risks involved

While fighting the oppression of negative thinking, Lorraine began her journey of unmasking the many lies which stole her identity and robbed her of self worth. Today, Lorraine passionately challenges others to go deeper, "through the fire", releasing the chains that are keeping them imprisoned in their lives. A renewed faith and freedom found through the power of God's word.

Through self awareness Lorraine discovers her superficiality in character and inability to live in reality. Surrendering to the power of God she is faced with a challenge to be real, authentic and genuine in her faith walk. A challenge and message she brings to the world and to the church. It's time to rise up in faith, embrace our cross, awaken our soul and love without limits! Am I ready to go?