About Lorraine

aboutlorraineLike too many women, I was reared in a climate of fear, devastated by rejection from all those who were supposed to love me. A development of anxiety where I learned to cling to the only thing that seemed to always be there for me – my music.

By the age of 11, I'd become a professional singer. I sang in church, a few bars, community dances and local events. I loved imitating some of my favourite country artists, namely the legendary Patsy Cline. I dared to dream that someday, I would go to Nashville and become a star, but first, I would marry a tall, dark, handsome farmer, have 12 musical children and travel the world.

I married the man of my dreams. I held on hoping that a family would follow but reality began to set in. Within a period of a decade, I had a total of 12 heart-breaking miscarriages between three to five months gestation. Doctors discovered that I had a birth defect of two wombs half the size of a normal womb. I believed I was not normal, and could never be what I thought every real woman should be. I began to stuff my pain and live in unreality to survive.

In my bondage, I wore carefully created masks, designed in desperation to please others so I could be loved and accepted. In my fragile faith my belief that God did not love me grew deeper and I found myself entertaining thoughts of suicide- the only way I could see out of my anguish.

By the grace of God, I found myself kneeling in front of a cross in total surrender. I looked up and had a profound realization that only Jesus truly understood my pain as he embraced me in his arms. Together we share in suffering but together we share in a new life of healing and restoration .

Today I do not cling to music, my masks, or the things of this world but I cling to God. I am blessed with twelve children in heaven; two beautiful adopted children who are gifting me with grandchildren as well as an international women's ministry bringing healing and restoration wherever God leads. I am blessed!