February 2014 - The greatest gift is Love

feb2014This Valentines we might get a beautiful card filled with rhymes and reasons of why were so special. Or maybe a surprise candlelight dinner, red wine and quality conversation that has been long overdue. For some; an engagement ring will be placed on their finger inviting them to a life-long commitment filled with a happy future. Is this true love? 

When we speak of true love most of us refer to human love which is largely determined by the attractiveness of the person who is loveable, sweet personality, great body with sexual appeal. These qualities make it so much easier to love and give ourselves to them. As human beings we operate outside the economy of grace; the grace and mercy of God’s divine love. 

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JANUARY 2014 - Ending the blame and complain game


“I can’t do this anymore. I quit. What’s the use? My life is so miserable.”
Throughout my personal journey in life, I know I have said one or all of the above expressions that evolved out of circumstances and problems I could do nothing about. I have learned that when my mind is focused on my problem, that is my problem. 

A great biblical example would be in the story of the Israelites walking around the desert, continually focused on blaming and complaining about all the things they didn’t have, rather than trusting and thanking God for the miracles of provision already received. The journey into the Promised Land was filled with unhappy people whose negative mindset kept them in bondage while they were desperate for freedom. But what can we do to correct this same kind of mindset in our own lives?

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December 2013 - A Christmas gift...just for me

dec2013Christmas is upon us and maybe like me, you are still madly running around the mall looking for that perfect gift for that special someone. Why? It brings us ultimate joy knowing we have contributed to the personal happiness of the ones we love. But, what is happiness? We have all heard that “happiness comes from within,” not from external things. All of us are seeking true happiness but what we are really seeking is a state of well-being which begins with our minds. Are we thinking positive or negative thoughts? Is our mind filled with images of painful memories or positive ones? Bad memories lead us to expectations of people, places and things to make us happy. The power of negative thinking keeps us in bondage to false core beliefs that rule our lives and lead us into depression. 

The world health organization states that depression is a common illness worldwide, with an estimated 350 million people affected. It is so easy to just not talk about it, not be educated in self-awareness, and not make any changes, but rather, remain in a sad darkness, trapped in an ego that cries out, “You’ve all forgotten me!”    

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November 2013 - God loves you even though...


Led by the Spirit - God loves you even though...

Returning from speaking at a recent conference in Saskatchewan, I felt overwhelmed by the personal stories of women who are hurting within their marriages and the family unit, longing to hear and know that they are valued and loved.  

All of humanity desires to be loved and feel loved. We are all made in God’s image and that longing and searching for love will always be there because GOD IS LOVE. The longest journey humans will ever encounter is the path from the head to the heart, searching for the answer to the question “Does God love me?”

I believe the world is in a love crisis! People of all ages demonstrate their anger and rage through the taking of innocent lives – an act that cries out “Why wasn’t I loved the way I was supposed to be? Therefore, if I’m not happy, I will make sure you’re not happy either!” We see such a great need for the proclamation of the gospel message: God loves you even if no one else does.

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