February 2013 – Hope in eternal life

feb2013newsletterLed by the Spirit - Hope in eternal life

As I write this newsletter I am privileged to be sitting in the beautiful sun  praying on a little patio.  A quiet time when the Holy Spirit whispers truths into the silence of my heart.   

During this reflection, I found myself gazing at the empty patio chair beside me.  A powerful visual that represented the emptiness  and loneliness I was feeling due to the death of my mother two weeks ago.  As I was wiping my tears from my cheek, a nearby neighbor came to visit. Our conversation led us into a personal sharing of his fears due to his diagnosis of terminal throat cancer and how hard it would be for him to leave his wife and children behind.  As he spoke I was touched by his solitude and humility in the midst of his trials. Around the corner came my new found friend I had met several days ago. To my surprise he joined us in our conversation as he shared that his wife had died three years ago of lung cancer and I could sense his struggle with loneliness. Through our personal sharing I came to a better understanding of the difference between solitude and loneliness. I also realized that the empty chair beside me was reserved for Jesus as he sat in our midst.  

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January 2013 – All for the glory of God

tony-rosie-ralph-ann-lorraineLed by the Spirit: All for the Glory of God.

There is something wonderful about a new year that brings the excitement of a fresh start and a new beginning towards change.

Some of us may resolve to quit smoking, stop drinking, manage money more wisely, or spend more time with family, but the most common New Year's resolution for the majority of people is to lose weight in conjunction with exercising and eating better.

1 Timothy 4:8 instructs us to keep exercise in perspective: "For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.". That leaves us with the question; should resolutions always be about the physical things?

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December 2012- The gift of family

tony-rosie-ralph-ann-lorraineLed by the Spirit: The Gift of Family

As Christmas approaches, I am already receiving e-mails from hurting women looking for encouragement as they struggle with broken families and unresolved issues. I hear their sad stories and my heart cries out to God in prayer for their miracles this Christmas.

I am so grateful for my family that consisted of Dad, Mom and five siblings with no extended family. My parents emigrated from Europe to Canada during a time of war where they said good-bye to their families and friends, knowing they would never see them again. Quite often, around Christmas time, I would witness the silent tears falling from my parents eyes as they longed to be with their families. It was these tears that taught me to never take your family for granted as they are a gift from God that will not be there forever.

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November 2012 - My grandchild and me

nov2012Led by the Spirit: My grandchild and me.

I am proud to present my second grandson named Rider, born Oct. 26, 2012. What a gift and what a joy to be a grandmother!

The birth of a new grandchild is such a tremendous gift from God that fills my heart with gratitude to overflowing. It's an amazing time to reconnect with lost memories of parenting past that springs to life once again. I remember questioning my ability as a mother to do a good job as I faced many sleepless nights wondering if tomorrow would bring something other than smelling like sour milk and poopy diapers! Each day seemed to be unbearably long but I now realize how quickly that time flew by. One minute we were going through teething and the next minute we were attending their graduation. The past that has blessed me with wisdom to know, that when I spend time with my grandchild I hang onto every smile, every repetitive question, every play in the sandbox because I know how fleeting these years can be.

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