June 2012 - Setting a Personal Goal


Led by the Spirit: Setting a Personal Goal

On May 12, the day before Mother's Day, I signed up for a 10-kilometre race along with my daughter Janine and her husband Jason to help raise money for a charity of our choice. I had never done this before but was inspired by my daughter to make a decision to just do it and set a goal that would be my personal best.

I was standing at the starting line, I heard the gun go off, and was left on the tail end of the crowd. I was not upset because my personal goal was to just get to the finish line no matter how many hours it was going to take; after all, I'm no spring chicken! My motivation to get there was to help raise funds for Saskatchewan Pro-Life.

After one-and-a-half hours of walking and jogging, I could feel my feet going numb.

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May 2012 - Go ahead and smile!


Led by the Spirit: Go Ahead and Smile!

I was having an overwhelming day and decided for my therapy I’d go shopping. As I went in and out of stores each clerk seemed to be wearing a frown portraying their unhappiness, making me feel as though I was not worth the effort. I made a decision to not give up and entered the door of yet another store.  All of a sudden this young woman leapt towards me with a huge smile from ear to ear and said” boy is this your lucky day because I have an amazing outfit that will make you look great!” I walked out of that store with a new outfit and a new outlook on life!


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April 2012 - The Great Commission


Led by the Spirit: The Great Commission

This month we observe the highlight of the Christian calendar - the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, better known to the world as Easter. The resurrected Christ is the one who gave the Great Commission to all His disciples to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.” To me, the world is all of humanity, in both secular and Christian society. But sometimes we Christians seem to forget that.

Recently, I was challenged by several Christians who suggested that performing in casinos as a Patsy Cline tribute artist and proclaiming the gospel as a Christian women’s conference speaker contradict the witness of what a true Christian should be. I was grateful for this challenge, and certain God would lead me to the right response.

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March 2012 - Detach vs Attach


Led by the Spirit: Detatch vs Attach

I have always been very intimidated by a colony of bees that swarm around me in a motion of frenzy with loud intense buzzing. I have learned to not react and I will not stick my nose in their hive if I don’t want to get stung! All in all if I maintain a safe distance from a dangerous situation I will be fine. This is a great example of what it means to detach; we learn how to release from a person or a problem in love. We learn to love, care and be involved without going crazy. Each person is responsible for himself and when we detach it motivates and frees people around us to begin to solve their own problems. We live in the present moment, accept reality, accept the facts and mind our own business!

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