February 2012 - You’re still my Valentine


Led by the Spirit: You’re still my Valentine

What is necessary to sustain the special love between a husband and a wife for a lifetime 
commitment to marriage?

Larry and I have been married 37 years and have attended several marriage seminars to fan the flame of our love in our covenant to God and one another. It has been revealed to us that there are three types of love, Biblically speaking: Eros or erotic love; philos or friendship love, and finally, agape - unconditional love, God’s love. His love is so great and far-reaching it can never be exhausted. All three types of love are necessary to sustain a healthy marriage.

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January 2012 - Press on!


Led by the Spirit: Press on!

Every new year, I find myself in a bittersweet emotional state as I reflect on setting fresh, attainable future goals, but feel disappointed that last year’s goals have not yet been fulfilled. At the same time, I am faced with the reality that another year has been subtracted from my life. I know in my heart that if I do not get a grip on this disappointment, it will get a grip on me!

It is time to regain and reclaim my thoughts through God’s Word.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up,” says Galatians 6:9. I feel as though Paul is cheering me on saying: “No matter what circumstances you face right now, Lorraine, don’t give up! Don’t be a quitter!” It is so easy to quit, but it takes faith to fulfill any vision or goal.


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December 2011 - What can I give to you, little baby Jesus?


Led by the Spirit: What can I give to you, little baby Jesus?

A while back I wrote “Little Baby Jesus,” a Christmas song I was inspired to write while walking around malls, watching families swipe their credit cards, with tired mothers yelling at their kids. It made me take a good look at my own life and what’s important to me during the Christmas season.

Was Christmas all about the gifts that were supposed to make a difference in my life, or would knowing Jesus Christ make more of a difference?

I found myself in my church kneeling beside the manger of the Bethlehem scene. I began to cry, rejoicing in the birth of this beautiful baby boy; the little baby who lived and then died for my salvation. It also reminded me of the amazing miracle that took place through Mary. I found myself grieving that I was unable to have a child, though I’m blessed beyond measure with two beautiful adopted children.


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November 2011 - Be still and know that I am God


Led by the Spirit: Be still and know that I am God

Within the past two months, I have had tests and challenges come at me from all sides. I lost my sister to cancer, my husband had a heart attack but is doing great, and my father passed away peacefully. In between all of this I have fulfilled commitments of this ministry at three women’s conferences. I am writing this newsletter and still asking “how on Earth did I do that in the midst of all this grief?” Not by earthly means! In my weakness I kept my eyes fixed on Jesus, and let the example of His life give me strength and I was able to remain peaceful. In scripture it tells us that Jesus was never deterred from preaching, teaching and healing. He knew that God his Father had called Him to fulfill the ministry and He trusted that His Father would take care of Him. Now I’m trusting that God will take of me. God is on my side and on yours - His plan and His power are so much bigger than the challenges we may be facing right now.


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