October 2011 - A disciplined disciple


Led by the Spirit: A disciplined disciple

In today’s modern church, the gospel message is being watered down, affecting our churches, schools, and faith communities. As a disciple of Christ, God has challenged, inspired and even convicted me about changes I need to make towards holiness. I’m one person in a body of believers called the church. If the church doesn’t change, who will?

Do we recognize the destructive philosophies in today’s world leading to a radical decrease in faith? Individualism that says, “what’s it in for me?`` A false notion of freedom that says, “I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, without the interference of any other person or party.”

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September 2011 - Victim or Victor


Led by the spirit: Victim or victor - who will you choose to be?

The word victim is defined in the Winston dictionary as a sufferer from mental or physical disease, or a person who has been cheated. For example, a woman who experiences verbal, physical or sexual abuse will truly experience mental suffering and feel as though she has been cheated out of a normal healthy life. The Winston dictionary defines a victor as a conqueror - one who wins. A victor goes through all the same pains and sufferings as would the victim, but the difference is that a victor finds determination to work and persevere through the pain and suffering until they find healing, restoration and freedom.

Jesus tells us that “the thief comes in order to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that you might have life; life in all its fullness” (John 10:10). As long as we believe the lie that God has abandoned us and does not love us; we will remain a victim obsessing in our pain, living in the past, missing the present moment and fearful of the future. Satan - the thief - wins and has reign of our soul.

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August 2011 - Pity Party

self-pity-party-subliminal_copyLed by the spirit: Some parties just aren’t worth attending

The minute someone hurts me, or the moment I experience disappointment, I begin sending invitations for my pity party. Of course, no one ever RSVPs that they’re coming. Why would anyone want to be around an unpleasant person who does nothing but think about themselves?

I used self-pity for years to comfort myself when I was hurt. I didn’t understand why I kept going in a cycle that would inevitably lead to depression. I was sick and tired, emotionally drained, and I wanted to get to the root of this bondage.

In my search, I realized that self-pity is self-centered. Self-pity is supported by thinking only of myself and no one else; a learned behavior pattern that can become habitual. Self-pity is attached to disappointment which can bring about depression. The root of self-pity is the need to be loved. Somewhere in my belief system I truly believed a lie that I have been abandoned by God. This lie does not come from God but from Satan, who delights in whispering lies in the depth of my soul, reminding me I have been cruelly and unjustly mistreated.


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July 2011- A divided heart

dividedLed by the Spirit: A Heart Divided

Do I trust God with my marriage, my family, my health, my ministry, my finances? In my humanity, I struggle with trusting God when faced with overwhelming and painful circumstances. This is when I stop trusting and start trying to make things happen myself. For example, when God was teaching me in this ministry, there was one year with no bookings resulting in a financial shortfall. I began to question God's call in my life, knowing that the greatest desire of my heart is to sing and proclaim Christ's love to the world. Why would God place this desire on my heart and then turn His back on me? In anger, I closed the door to my prayer room, put the Bible away and told God to forget this ministry.

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