June 2011- Be present, be grateful

tony-rosie-ralph-ann-lorraineLed by the Spirit: Be present, be grateful.

In the quietness of my room, I was unable to sleep but sensed a deep desire to pray. As the gentle rain was falling against my window, and birds were singing in the deep green trees out-side, my heart was filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

I was at a hospice - a place for people with incurable illnesses like cancer. A medical team gives them love, compassion and assistance through the last days of their lives on earth. One of those people is my sister.

I felt gratitude for the opportunity to be completely present emotionally, spiritually and physically with her. The present moment felt so precious I wasn't worried about the next day, nor did I care about what may have happened in the past.

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May 2011 - God is faithful

God_is_FaithfulLed by the spirit: Learning about loss, leaning on His word

God is faithful. This month has been a struggle for me as my older sister was diagnosed with an incurable cancer that may allow her only three months to live. I’ve truly experienced the scripture that says “I can face all conditions with Christ who strengthens me” as I fulfilled my commitments for this month. Please pray for me and my family at this time of grief.

God is faithful as He prepares the way for my talents and abilities to be recognized. As a nominee for Country Gospel Album Of The Year I attended the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards in Swift Current, Sask., where I performed at the gospel showcase. Many people were touched by God’s word in song. Among the audience was Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, which was a very special blessing for me.


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