June 2013- Through the fire

june2013Led by the Spirit - Through the Fire

For the past three years I, along with others, have been praying for a two year old boy, diagnosed with cancer of the spine. Today, he is five years old, still fighting the battle as he perseveres through the many chemo treatments. Taking everything into consideration, doctors are amazed at his progress. Each day the family members are challenged in their faith along with many unanswered questions. Have you ever questioned your circumstances or things you just can’t understand?

When I am in the midst of adversity, I am so weak; my vision becomes blurred by doubt that keeps me drifting away from my faith in God. My frustration gets so out of hand that I just want to scream!

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may2013Led by the Spirit - A new springtime

Walking alongside a riverbank I saw remnants of snow still lurking among dead branches of trees, while the first signs of spring were rising as blades of new grass.

Winter is powerful where I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. The season influences our lives in such a way that we long for springtime; a new season that allows time for labour on unworked land trusting in God that it will produce rows of grain, knowing that no harvest can be expected if no seed is sown.

In the Christian life as well as in the farming business, springtime is a call to invest one's earnest efforts for future gains. This challenge was presented by Pope John Paul II's vision of spring as he invited the world to not passively observe a fleeting season, but called all Christians to become engaged in their personal commitment to Jesus Christ. In 1998 Pope John Paul II brought this to the attention of the U.S. bishops:

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April 2013- Take up your Cross


Led by the Spirit - Take up your Cross

Happy Easter! I love Easter as it gives me an opportunity to pray and reflect on the passion of Christ, a time when the Holy Spirit reveals deeper truths about my humanity and suffering.

It began 2,000 years ago when Jesus died on a cross and rose again, an obedience that cost him His life, while for me, it only costs me an act of my will, no more. And yet, how hard it is for me to surrender daily?

A chunk of tree was chosen by the Father that would lead Jesus to fall three times, too weak to bear the timber's weight. How human in His weakness and yet God willed it. It's a reminder that I must accept my weaknesses and failings, my handicaps of humanity knowing that God wills it.

Mary, a mother and a woman of grace, pondered and prayed as she watched her son be crucified, counting every wound. To watch the pain of those we love is harder than to bear our own. To carry my cross as Christ did, I now realize that I, too, must stand and watch the sufferings of those I love - their heartaches, sicknesses, and grief. And, I must let them watch mine, too.

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March 2013 - I am wonderful!

yikesLed by the Spirit: I am wonderful!

I am a lifetime time member of weight watchers international. An organization that allows me to come to a weekly meeting for motivation and a monthly weigh in to help keep me on track. What I have discovered throughout the years is how a silly number on a scale can control my mood especially if I have a small gain. Instantly my mind is triggered back to the half of cookie I ate or the time when I locked myself in the bathroom to eat a popcorn ball . I felt ashamed of myself and guilty that somehow I had let everybody down. I failed again, why do I continue to do this to myself?

God revealed to me that weight loss isn't about failing or meeting expectations of others. He reminded me that I am created in His image and I am truly beautiful in His eyes as He does not look on the outside as much as he sees my heart on the inside. When I let God's genuine love flourish within me I grow in loving myself to finally accept who I am today, not tomorrow or next week or when I lose twenty-five pounds. Acceptance requires me to acknowledge the reality; that I am heavier than I'd like to be and I may even need to embrace the lines that stare back at me plus realize that the leggings just don't work for me anymore!

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