March 2013 - I am wonderful!

yikesLed by the Spirit: I am wonderful!

I am a lifetime time member of weight watchers international. An organization that allows me to come to a weekly meeting for motivation and a monthly weigh in to help keep me on track. What I have discovered throughout the years is how a silly number on a scale can control my mood especially if I have a small gain. Instantly my mind is triggered back to the half of cookie I ate or the time when I locked myself in the bathroom to eat a popcorn ball . I felt ashamed of myself and guilty that somehow I had let everybody down. I failed again, why do I continue to do this to myself?

God revealed to me that weight loss isn't about failing or meeting expectations of others. He reminded me that I am created in His image and I am truly beautiful in His eyes as He does not look on the outside as much as he sees my heart on the inside. When I let God's genuine love flourish within me I grow in loving myself to finally accept who I am today, not tomorrow or next week or when I lose twenty-five pounds. Acceptance requires me to acknowledge the reality; that I am heavier than I'd like to be and I may even need to embrace the lines that stare back at me plus realize that the leggings just don't work for me anymore!

Today I will accept each moment with faith and trust in God. I will laugh a little more, make peace with my past, forgive all those who have hurt me and be grateful for the life God has blessed me with. I belong to God, I am His child and I will radiate HIS beauty wherever I go.

I am what I am and what I am is WONDERFUL!

March scripture: Psalm 139:14 
I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. (New American Standard )

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