Be Real: I'm Ready To Go

In her signature presentation, Be Real, Lorraine shares the deepest revelation of her heart. Her life took a dramatic change after a revelation from God that she was wearing too many masks, being fake, and not living out her true faith. A profound discovery that when we live a lie, we live in fear and we take control instead of trusting God's plan for our lives. We live in superficiality instead of reality because it is too painful to face our fears. 

Lorraine challenges us as Christians to be real in our faith and respond to God's call as we witness the gospel message being watered down. In the modern church of today we see so much superficiality, people who are starving for the authentic, the real, thirsting for the tiniest drop of sincerity, aching to experience the genuine. 

Rise up in faith, it is a time for us to feel challenged, inspired and even convicted about changes we need to make toward holiness in our lives. If we the church don't do this then who will? Change begins with me! Am I ready to go?

You will be real as you learn....

  • to let Go and let God 

  • to desire change no matter the cost

  • to tear down the masks, face your fears

  • to love without limits 

  • the two greatest commandments