Be Released: Embrace the Cross

Are the trials in your life weighing you down? Are you angry and bitter and you don't understand how a loving God can allow so much suffering. In fact you are loosing your faith and questioning your purpose in this life?
 Lorraine knows how you are feeling as she desperately wanted to be a mother, but after 12 miscarriages and diagnosis of a uterine defect that shattered her dreams, Lorraine fell into a dark pit of despair, even contemplating suicide. 
Be ready to be released! In this talk, Embrace The Cross, Lorraine shares revelations of wisdom that have been birthed through the pain in her own life. Through serious and humorous real life stories, biblical scripture, audience interaction and a powerful song; women will be inspired and lifted up to a higher level of faith, hope and love.

You will be released as you learn...

  • suffering has meaning and purpose 

  • dying to self = freedom 

  • there is power in forgiveness 

  • Your true identity in Christ